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Mission Statement for Level 4

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Level Four is clinically designed to focus entirely on the best outcomes for all our constituents; the patient, employee, physician, referral source, and insurer. 

Our clinically focused company is dedicated to providing our patients with an opportunity to return to their highest level of functionality by developing a treatment plan that meets their unique need. 

In all cases we recognize and appreciate that our employees are our most valuable assets and our success as a company is a result of their expertise, hard work and dedication. 

We take pride in working with the top physicians, therapists and other referral sources in the field, within each of the local communities we serve, to provide our patients the best and most relevant care. 

With every patient situation our focus is to provide the insurer with the best outcomes within the most cost effective structure to ensure appropriate and realistic results. 

Our team partners with a sophisticated group of investors who supply the financial support necessary to drive our clinically designed initiatives, which center on our most important constituencies.