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Patient Testimonials

Will I ever be able to walk again? Will my child achieve his or her full potential? The answers could contain more hope than you ever thought imaginable, and past patients at Level Four can tell you that! The stories on this page act as a testament to the knowledge, patience and dedication of the staff. 
Read through some of the ones we’ve posted below and find out why Level Four is right for you!

Charles Kennedy
  • It's truly a miracle that Charles is alive after a brain hemorrhage in August of 2013.  The fact that he is able to get out on the field and play baseball is incredible given the magnitude of his injury.  If it wasn't for Level 4's participation in sculpting an ankle SMO and fitting him properly for the AFO, he would not be out on the field.  People talk about kids living the American dream when they play sports.  Being that baseball is the only sport Charles (who loves all things sports) is able to participate in at this point,  he really is living his dream when he's out on the field.  We appreciate all that Level 4 has done for Charles.  We have had a great experience with Matt in the Pineville, NC, office!  The entire staff there has been wonderful!
  • Charles Kennedy
  • Pinvelle, NC
Michael Pylypiak
  • I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation to you and your staff for the new found freedom that was offered to me with the new below knee prosthesis. As you know in 1988 at the age of 20, I became a left below knee amputee due to a traumatic motorcycle accident.  Since losing my leg, I have had a number of prosthetics made for me that have held up to my highly energetic and outgoing lifestyle. Every new leg Cocco’s has made for me has been better than the last; new technology, lighter material, innovative practices for fittings and alignment.  Nothing could have prepared me for the new innovative forward thinking that has forever changed my life as an amputee.  Mr. Meramo, you have taken the time to get to know me as a person and recognize my potential to take my abilities to the next level and beyond.  Your focus on new technology and skills have allowed for a carefully engineered prosthesis that not only allowed me to continue playing sports, but has allowed me the freedom of running for the first time since losing my leg. In fact, I have since taken up long distance biking, 5k walk/runs, and dancing with my wife every chance we get. Cocco Enterprise Inc. has been my choice for prosthetics for over 26 years.  The compassionate approach to all the services that Cocco’s provides is second to none.  Your staff not only delivers quality care throughout the entire process of fitting and using prosthetics, but offers continued support even after you walk out of the office.
  • Michael Pylypiak
  • Cocco Enterprises- NJ
  • I just want to take the time to express how thankful I am for your Level 4 office in Concord, NC. We have a 7-1/2 month old boy named Jax.  He started the end of January wearing the helmet and has just graduated from it as of yesterday (4/19/16).  Megan and Carrie made each visit such a delight.  They were both so friendly and fun and interacted with us and especially Jax.  They made Jax feel so special and loved.  Megan and Carrie are definitely in the right profession.  It takes a special person to work well with others and especially children. They have both exceeded my expectations.  You can really tell just with the smile on their faces when you walk into the office that they love their job and what they do - helping others! Exceeding expectations and Smiling faces!  JOB WELL DONE!
  • Kendra Bowling-Dodson & Jackson Dodson II
  • Concord, NC
  • Have you ever had your own PERSONAL orthotist? That is what I have had for the last 20+ years with Carlo Cocco of Cocco Enterprises. Every time I needed a repair or adjustment to my leg brace, Carlo was there---immediately. It did not matter what the time was---what the issue was---what country I was in (Italy!!), Carlo was quickly there to assist me. He and his great staff knew me and my situation personally and took whatever time necessary to make sure that my problems were solved---all the while with a smile on their faces. Not only did Carlo make any minor· repairs quickly, he and others at Cocco Enterprises engineered and fashioned new orthotic devices for me that have worked tremendously over the years. Honestly I could not do some of the things that I have done in life without the excellent assistance of Carlo and ALL of the staff at Cocco Enterprises.
  • Bob Spinelli
  • Cocco Enterprises
Georgine Zimmer
  • I would like to acknowledge the excellent experience I have had with Cocco Enterprises for the past 46 years.  At age 16 I had my right leg amputated and have worn a right leg prosthesis ever since, of which all prostheses have come from Cocco Enterprises.  At age 63 I have received a remarkable C-leg and have the pleasure of working with excellent professionals.  The C-leg allows me to continue my everyday life without interruption.  In the past three years while dealing with Cocco Enterprises, I have been able to do all my appointments in the Bethlehem office, with Mike Meramo.  This has made it much easier for me to attend my appointments.  The finished product and the care I receive are of the highest quality from start to finish.  Everyone including office staff and especially Mike Meramo are a pleasure to work with.  Thank you to all for keeping me walking.
  • Georgine Zimmer
  • Trenton, NJ
Brother and Sister amputees
  • Ben Walker, CPO, helps this brother and sister gain functionality.
  • Brother and Sister Amputees
  • Concord, North Carolina
Becky holding Penelope
  • Becky, we are so grateful we got sent your way to continue Penelope's care. No matter how big or small our concerns were you were always there to help us. While we are glad Penelope is out of her helmet, we will miss seeing you on a regular basis!
  • Michelle Guereschi
  • Greensboro, NC
  • I cannot say enough for the unexpected level of care I have received for Ben Walker and Level 4. Before finding Ben, I've had numerous legs built and lots of empty promises. The legs never fit properly and I was losing my mobility and my active lifestyle as a football/rugby/cheer dad. I was also losing the hope that it could ever be better. Then came Ben Walker and Level 4. Right from the first meeting Ben was open and honest and gave me back my sense of hope. He and Level 4 created an amazing leg and suction system. They checked, rechecked, adjusted and repaired. They are making my second socket because I'm now so active my stump has shrunk considerably. I will be forever grateful to Level 4 and Ben Walker for giving me back my life and for giving my children the active dad back!
  • Steven Field, BK amputee
  • Concord, NC
  • We enjoy working with Ben Walker in your Concord office.  My son, Grant Fennell, is a patient of Ben and he treats him as he would his own child. Ben goes above and beyond the call of duty.  He always takes his time and makes sure we’re happy and that my son’s shoes fit perfectly. It is hard to find that kind of service anymore.
  • Kellie Fennell
  • Concord, NC
Thank-you for all you've done
  • During our brief visit, I shared some things that had been going on with Cooper’s treatment and the practitoner immediately picked up on my concerns. With complete professionalism, she was able to convey to me that my concern were valid. She also let me know that it is okay to ask questions. She took the time to educate me on how Cooper’s helmet should fit…Because of her clear passion for children, I had complete trust that she would do the very best she could for Cooper. When Cooper’s October 31 appointment came, the practitioner did his scan and shared his results. She was visibly excited because his measurements surpassed what she even thought was possible. Given Cooper’s age when he came to her and all that had gone wrong along the way, she truly worked a miracle.
  • Kristy Erickson
  • Ortho Partners
Short break
  • A triple amputee takes a short break during gait training in Pineville, North Carolina. He is under the care of Ben Walker, CPO.
  • Triple Amputee
  • Pineville, NC
Prosthetics in Pineville
  • Matt Scoggins, CPO, helps a patient in Pineville
  • Amputee
  • Pineville, NC