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3 Tips to Preventing Plagiocephaly

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3 Tips to Preventing Plagiocephaly

In the early 90s, the American Academy of Pediatrics started the “Back to Sleep” movement to reduce the number of cases of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). They found that children who slept on their back had a reduced risk of experiencing the condition. While SIDS has dropped by 50 percent as a result of this practice, it has had the unintended side effect of raising the number of plagiocephaly cases.

Plagiocephaly is when an infant’s head becomes flattened or misshapen. It can even cause them to lose muscle control on one side of their face. Luckily, there are exercises you can do to prevent this:

1)Tummy Time.


Of all the preventative methods, this is the top one! Every day, lay out a blanket on the floor and place your child on top of it in the stomach position. Supervise and interact with your child for about 30-60 minutes. They may be fussy, since this is an unfamiliar position, but it can strengthen the neck muscles and stimulate the motor skills they’ll need for crawling.


2)Alternate Their Head Positions.

Each time you place your child down for a rest, make sure you rotate their head to a different position. For example, at the start of the night rotate their head so their left side is resting against the mattress. When you get up to feed them in the middle of the night, turn them so the right side of their head is pressed down in the mattress. This ensures that there isn’t just one side of your baby’s head receiving all the pressure, thus creating a flat or misshapen spot. 


3)Don’t Place Them in the Car Seat for Extended Periods of Time.              


Car seats restricts neck movement and causes their head to stay in one position all the time, thus leading to a greater risk of plagiocephaly. We know it’s often an easy and convenient way to carry your baby around, but it could lead to them developing plagiocephaly. Items such as strollers or bassinets can allow your child to change their head position while you run errands or visit a friend. 


Sometimes, these exercises still may not be enough to prevent plagiocephaly. However, there is another way you can reverse this syndrome, and that’s with a cranial remolding helmet. Level 4 is a leading expert in this field, and can help you come to the right decision for your child. Give us a call today and find out what how we can help you!