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4 Winter Sports to Enjoy with a Prosthesis

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Posted on: by Level Four

4 Winter Sports to Enjoy with a Prosthesis

If you participated in winter sports prior to amputation, now is the perfect time to pick up your favorite exercise again! Level 4 is here to help you get back out there this season. Here are a few sports we recommend for those playing with a prosthesis:


You have three different options when it comes to skiing: sit-skiing, three-tracking and traditional. In sit-skiing, you ride in a bucket that’s suspended between one or two skis. Three-tracking is where you use only one ski, standing on it with your sound leg. This lets you ski without your prosthesis. The third option is to ski with both your prosthesis and your natural leg. You’ll want to see your prosthetist before experimenting with that technique, as you may need some adjustments to your prosthesis before skiing successfully.

Sledge Hockey

Officially knowns as para ice hockey, this sport allows lower-limb amputees to navigate the ice on a sledge. This sledge is made up of two skate blades on a metal frame, which allows the player to maintain a maneuverable sitting position. This sport is officially recognized and governed by the International Paralympic Committee. A number of cities throughout the United States have sledge hockey teams, so this can also be a great way to meet fellow amputees in your area.


Just like with skiing, lower-limb amputees will want to see their prosthetist for adjustments before getting strapped in. Once back on the slopes, be sure to bring some plastic bags to wrap around your prosthesis to keep it dry. These bags can also be used to fill out your board boots and help your prosthesis fit better.

Ice Skating

For lower-limb amputees, there’s a unique opportunity to affix an ice skate at the end of your prosthesis. If you have a microprocessor knee, there are also some options to allow it lock out at different angles.

Returning to your favorite activities is important to your not only health but also your state of mind. Level 4 will help you get there. Give us a call and schedule your return to winter sports today!