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Beat the Heat with Cooling Tips for Prosthetics

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Posted on: by Level Four

When temperatures skyrocket and the sun blazes, nothing beats shedding a few layers to stay cool. Your prosthesis and its accessories, however, add extra heat and make the fight against sweat feel like an uphill battle. But chill out! Our team at O&P by Design recommends the following measures to staying clean and dry even on the hottest summer days:

Keep prosthetic socks nearby. A snug fit is key to preventing chafing and rashes as you wear your prosthesis. However, sweating causes your residual limb to shrink in size, creating an uncomfortable loose wear. Partnered with sweat, and the sock is a hazard for skin irritation. A stash of fresh socks enables you to change as needed throughout the day as your body and temperature fluctuate, ensuring a proper fit.

Clean as you go. You know that a weekly rinse is crucial to maintaining the health of both you and your prosthesis. Frequent, daily upkeep may be required on particularly toasty days. When you notice excessive perspiration, run a dry, clean towel over both the inside of your prosthesis as well as your skin and the liner to prevent moisture-turned-friction.

Prevent infection. A rinse with warm water and gentle antibacterial soap removes harmful bacteria from your socks without breaking down the elastic and other key functions. After these daily cleanses, let them air dry completely before attempting to put them back on to prevent chafing, blisters, and infection.

Lean on antiperspirants. A long day at a baseball tournament or out in the garden requires extra-strength care for maximum comfort. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about antiperspirants designed specifically for amputees, which are strong enough to reduce prosthesis-induced sweat but gentle enough to prevent build-up or breakdown in your liner. Formulated powders may also help sop up moisture safely.

Your prosthesis shouldn’t stop you from enjoying all that the summer months have to offer. For a personalized plan to beat the heat, call to set up an appointment with one of our professionals today!