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Cranial Remolding and Car Seats

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Posted on: by Level Four

Cranial Remolding and Car Seats

As a parent, we know you’re doing everything you can to lessen your baby’s plagiocephaly. From tummy time to placing your baby’s head at opposite ends of the crib each night, you’re following all the advice of the experts.

In spite of all your efforts at home, your baby’s flat head syndrome may persist.  Level 4 Orthotics and Prosthetics would like to suggest one possible culprit: the car seat.

A car seat is a wonderful safety item that can protect your child during daily rides, but it’s not a portable cradle. Not that we blame today’s multi-tasking parents!

It’s much easier to carry a sleeping baby into the house while they are still in the car seat, allowing the child to continuing napping. This is not the safest use of the car seat, and if your baby remains in it for extended periods of time he or she could develop plagiocephaly.

What if you’re on an extended road trip? Fortunately, in this situation there are some things you can do to prevent plagiocephaly from developing. Prop your baby’s head up in a comfortable position using rolled up towels or receiving blankets. We also recommend enticing your baby to look to the sides of their car seat by periodically dangling brightly colored toys in either direction. It’s helpful to take frequent breaks to remove your baby from their car seat if you plan on driving several hours.

Car seats are one of the safest ways to keep your baby secure during a drive, but using this device outside its intended function can have unintended consequences. If your baby develops plagiocephaly, the experts at Level 4 Orthotics and Prosthetics can help. We can create custom cranial remolding helmets to re-shape your baby’s head to the proper form. Contact us today to learn more and set up an appointment for your little one.