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Explaining Cranial Remolding

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Explaining Cranial Remolding

With the success of the Back To Sleep campaign in the 90s, the rate of infant mortality due to SIDS has decreased dramatically. The goal of this campaign was to encourage parents to let their babies sleep on their backs instead of their stomachs.

However, it had one major side-effect: children are now developing plagiocephaly, or flat-head syndrome, at a much higher rate. This is a condition in which a child’s head becomes flattened on one side. The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that up to 47 percent of children have some form of flat-head syndrome. In most cases, it is corrected by a few select actions by the parent, such as tummy time.

In extreme cases, however, the face becomes asymmetrical and the child may lose some facial motor skills. Fortunately, there is a treatment for these types of cases: cranial remolding helmets.

A helmet can be fitted on your infant as young as three months and as old as 18 months. We start by gathering precise measurements of your infant’s head. Those are then used to mold a helmet specifically-designed for your child.

The helmet itself will be hard on the outside and lined on the inside with foam. It will fit snugly on your infant’s head, but still remain comfortable. Your child will need to wear it round the clock, and you should only remove it to clean it. The length of time your baby wears the helmet depends on their condition. Treatment time usually spans between five weeks to four months.

We monitor your baby’s progress throughout their time wearing the helmet. When the helmet is ready to be removed, your baby’s head should be fully aligned and without any major deformities.

If you think your baby may have plagiocephaly, don’t hesitate to set up an appointment with our specialists. Our orthotists have worked with many small children throughout the years, and are here to find the best solution for your growing little one.