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Finding the Shoe that Fit Your Child’s Orthotics Braces

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Posted on: by Level Four

Finding the Shoe that Fit Your Child’s Orthotics Braces

Parents, prepare yourselves – your relationship with your child’s custom orthotics can be one of love and hate. While both you and your orthotist are thrilled that your child has taken their first amazing steps because of the strength and stability provided by these custom orthotics, they may fit with very few colorful, light-up, stylish children’s shoe on the shelf. 

As parents, we all know the struggle of getting shoes on our children without the added stress of a custom orthotic that affects the fit of the shoe. To help make a perfect marriage between your child’s shoe and their custom orthotic, here are some tips to keep in mind during your next trip to the shoe store. 

1.Wide Toe Box

Look for a wide toe box to fit the added width of the orthotic.  Brands that are designed with a wider, boxy feel include Keen and New Balance.

2.Removable Insole

We will also need to take out the insole to add space for the orthotic.  Keeping this in mind, look for a shoe that has an easy-to-remove insole, but keep the insole for added padding in the front of the shoe.

3.NO Low Profile

Look for shoes that come up to the ankle bone.  This will help keep the orthotic in place.

4.Wide Opening

Keep an eye out for shoes with a wide opening through the tongue to make it very easy to slip the shoe on over the orthotic.  It is also helpful when the tongue space is designed as parallel lines and not in a “V” shape.

5.Good Laces or Straps

Your child will need strong Velcro straps or laces to secure the shoe snuggly over the orthotic.  This will also keep your child’s foot secure and stable.

We hope these five simple tips will help you find a shoe that your child will love, and that will also work perfectly with their orthotic.  If you have any questions about the fit of your child’s orthotic or how to purchase shoes or socks that will enhance the effectiveness of the orthotic, give us a call today!