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Prepare Now, Succeed Later: To-Dos Before Amputation

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Prepare Now, Succeed Later: “To-Do’s” Before Amputation

If you have the opportunity to prepare for amputation, seize it. At Orthotics and Prosthetics by Design, we believe that proactive rather than reactive measures can make all the difference in recovery. Prepare in confidence with these tips:

  • Ask questions. Then ask more. A decision as final as amputation needs answers for peace of mind. Talk to your surgeon, and have them explain exactly where, why, and how they plan to operate. Make sure they recommend amputation as an absolute need, and ask about alternative care to preserve your limb. Seek out a second opinion from another trained professional for more clarity.
  • Financial decisions – Between consultations, surgery, rehabilitation, prosthetics, and home accommodations, amputation requires serious financial planning. Speak with your insurance company well before surgery to understand and finalize policy coverage and co-pay. Taking care of financials before surgery enables you to focus on rest during recovery.
  • Consider your options – Just as no two amputations are the same, no prosthetic provides the perfect solution for every amputation. At Orthotics and Prosthetics by Design, we’ll work with you to find the device that provides the best fit for your body and your lifestyle.
  • Meet with a counselor – For many, losing a limb can feel like losing a loved a one. Counselors are trained to assist you through the grieving process that’s completely natural for your life change. They’ll help you understand the ups and downs of the recovery long before the amputation, giving you time to emotionally and mentally adjust.
  • Start talking – Don’t leave loved ones in the dark until you’re faced with recovery – let them help you prepare. Opening dialogue about what you’re facing helps them get comfortable with the change you’re all about to experience. Encourage them to ask questions, and search for solutions together. Be honest about your fears so they can give you specific support as you walk through this transition.

Orthotics & Prosthetics by Design is here to help you recover your body functionality after your operation. We have many clinics spread across the east coast and south, so find one near you today.