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Spring Cleaning Your Prosthesis or Orthosis

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Posted on: by Level Four

Spring Cleaning Your Prosthesis or Orthosis

Your closets are purged, your car is vacuumed, and your kitchen cupboards have never looked neater. It’s spring cleaning season, baby! Extend the same TLC to your prosthesis and its accessories to prevent or remedy a variety of issues like foul odors, skin irritations and infections, and increased need (and cost) for replacements. Follow these basic cleaning and maintenance tips for a prosthesis that’s as fresh as the spring:

Cleaning Your Prosthesis

  • To prevent or eliminate bacteria build up, wipe down the inside of your socket at least once a week. Basic disinfectant wipes are exceptionally effective, but a careful water-and-bleach solution also helps.
  • With a toothbrush or other soft scrubber, gently go over the inside of the socket valve using a dab of warm soapy water to clear away hard build-up of powder and grime.
  • Opt for a damp cloth instead of pouring a liquid cleaner onto your prosthesis directly to protect inner components from soaking up water and rusting or harboring bacteria.
  • Cleaning your prosthesis before bed allows it to dry overnight, protecting your skin from irritation and preventing a build-up of mildew.
  • Never submerge a prosthesis in liquid. Many modern options feature electric components that will short circuit and fail if doused.

Cleaning Your Prosthetic Liner

  • Though never in contact with your skin, the fabric outer shell of liners may be spot cleaned if soiled or spotted.
  • When handling the gel lining, hand-wash it gently with warm water and antibacterial soap, and leave it to air dry.
  • Spray the inside of a liner with a light misting of isopropyl alcohol spray weekly to kill bacteria.
  • Never use chemicals like acetone or bleach as they’ll react with the gel or silicone on the liner and corrode it irreparably.

Your specific prosthesis or liner may have special cleaning instructions, so make sure to follow your specific’s instructions. Our O&P experts at O&P By Design can offer advice for cleaning even the toughest of stains or grime, so give us a call to spruce up your prosthesis today!