The Level Four Experience

Level Four is proud to offer the latest technology for treating patients with deformational plagiocephaly and other head shape abnormalities.

STARband® cranial remolding helmets are manufactured by Orthomerica® under strict FDA guidelines. Call our office to schedule a free scanning evaluation.

Level Four has the STARscanner™!

The STARscanner is an effective and trusted system, used by leading practitioners and children’s hospitals all over the world for STAR cranial remolding orthosis treatment since 2001. The STARscanner was the first scanning system to receive approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in capturing infant head shape data. The STARscanner remains the only scanning technology that has a published clinical paper that proves the efficacy of treatment for both the scanner and STARband cranial remolding orthosis.
  • Scanning process is eye-safe and takes less than two seconds to complete.
  • Reports are available immediately with detailed head shape measurements and data including volumes, symmetry ratios, circumference, and linear measurements
  • Comparison scans document effectiveness of repositioning and physical therapy
  • Measures efficacy of cranial remolding orthosis treatment by documenting outcomes for physicians and parents.
  • Provides insurance companies with specific measurements, information, and quantitative outcome analysis.

Only One Helmet Needed!

Each helmet is custom made as specified by the Level Four practitioner with the information provided by the STARscanner. After your child’s scan the information is corrected proportionally and symmetrically for the desired outcome. The helmet is made with close to full correction built in which means less follow up visits are necessary and, as long you are compliant, for the majority of patients only one helmet is needed.

Convenient Locations!

Level Four has 14 offices located in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Visit our Contact Us page to find a location close to you. If you are not in our area or are traveling out of state, there are over 100 STARscanner locations worldwide. STARscanner practitioners form a close network; we can put you in touch with an experienced practitioner in your state, or you can visit for more information.

Level Four will work with your insurance company!

  • We are contracted with most insurance carriers; therefore coverage is in-network and maximized using the full benefits allowed.
  • We accept all state Medicaid programs that cover helmets! We can assist in obtaining coverage for policies that EXCLUDE helmet coverage.
  • Ask us about our payment plans!
  • We accept all major credit cards.
  • We are proud to offer Care Credit ( as an additional payment option.
Cranial remolding orthoses fall under orthotics and prosthetics, which typically is a sub-section under “Durable Medical Equipment” (DME) under most insurance plans. Check with your insurance company to determine whether your policy includes this coverage. Some carriers will pay for the orthosis if measurements indicate that the baby’s head has a moderate to severe deformity and your physician writes a letter stating that a custom cranial orthosis is medically necessary. This letter may also specify whether the deformity was present at birth and highlight potential problems that might occur if the problem is not treated at this time. These problems may include visual tracking problems, temporal mandibular joint disorders (TMJ), and developmental issues.

Level Four has specialized practitioners!

Level Four practitioners are American Board Certified Orthotists/Prosthetists with 21- years of experience, extensive training and additional education through Orthomerica on cranial remolding orthoses. Level Four collaborates with physical therapists and physicians in a team approach to ensure that each patient is provided the care and resources to meet their specialized needs.