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There’s no such word as “impossible” at Level Four. The video gallery shows that. From the amputee who was able to resume her life as an athlete to the child who was able to stand up straight for the first time, Level Four is here to bring healing. 

Utah +3 Arm

Contact Motion Control - 1.888.MYO.ARMS The UTAH ARM U3plus - from MOTION CONTROL One Step Closer to Nature Motion Control's U3+ technology takes the microprocessor Utah Arm to the next level. It's unique Blue Tooth wireless computer interface allows the prosthetist or wearer to fine-tune the adjustments to achieve maximum performance without the hassle and tangle of wires. A variety of inputs may be used, so more options are available to more wearers. Meanwhile, the U3+ still delivers the same sensitive, proportional control of elbow, hand and wrist (optional), letting the wearer move the arm and hand slowly or quickly in any position.This provides a more natural response with less effort than the traditional on/off movement. Another element that sets the Utah Arm above the rest is it's simultaneous elbow and hand control. Because the Utah Arm has two microprocessors, two functions can be controlled at once (optionally), thus producing a more natural movement. • Continuous Brake - No Wait Hand Use • BlueTooth Wireless Connection with Hard-Wire Backup • iLimb Hand Compatible - also MCTD's w/Multi-Flex Wrist • Versatile Input Choices - Virtually all electrodes compatible • EMG Preamps using disc or snap-type electrodes • Motion Control Linear Potentiometer • Motion Control Force Sensor • Otto Bock Linear Transducer

  • By: Tim Mercer
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