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man with prosthetic leg playing volleyball


The causes for the loss of a limb loss can vary; diabetes, dysvascular disease, trauma or absence at birth (congenital). Whatever the cause of amputation, the clinicians at Level Four are experienced and knowledgeable enough to handle all levels of treatment. They understand how challenging it can be to lose the use of a limb. They recognize that this is a life-changing event and they are prepared to offer you the guidance, patience, and partnership to help you through the process of functional restoration.  Our best-in-class clinicians are committed to doing everything they can to help you achieve your lifestyle goals .





Technology leaders in adult prosthetics

The technology surrounding prosthetics is constantly evolving, which is why our clinical team at Level Four research every technological advance and new innovation that will aid in lifestyle and functional restoration. The clinicians at Level Four will work with you to create a proper device to fit your needs.


Level Four Orthotics and Prosthetics specializes in:

•    Lower Limb Loss            
•    Upper Limb Loss
•    Myo electric (Bionic) & Silicone anatomically correct Partial Hand Prosthetics
•    Silicone anatomically correct Partial Foot Prosthetics
•    Athletic Prosthetics
•    Prosthetics for all levels of activities, both young & older
•    Running Prostheses
•    Myo Electric (Bionic) controlled upper  extremity prostheses
•    Silicone Anatomically Correct  partial restorations
•    Silicone Restorations for fingers, ears and noses

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