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Vicky A. Romanoski

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Vicky A. RomansoskiVicky A. Romanoski is the Chief Administrative Officer hired by Penta Mezzanine in April of 2015.  Vicky was hired to lead the Human Resources, Marketing, and Administrative teams of Level Four.  

Prior to her partnership with Level Four, she served as the Chief Administrative Officer and Sr. Vice President and Secretary for the Board of Directors of Alphatec Spine.  She was one of the senior players that brought Alphatec Spine from a private manufacturer of spinal implants producing $17M in revenue to a publicly-held company generating $74M in less than 2 years.

Ms. Romanoski was one of the Co-Founders of Benchmark Medical, Inc., a domestic provider of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and hand therapy services and orthotics and prosthetics.  She served as the Chief Administrative Officer and Secretary of the Board of Directors over a four-year period and was responsible for Human Resources, Integration, Policies and Procedures, Logistics and Administration for the company during her tenure.  She led the process for Benchmark Medical’s 24 acquisitions, helping build the company to $160M in revenue.

Vicky entered the healthcare industry in 1991 with a start-up company, OSI, an orthotic and prosthetic company that was purchased in 1992 by NovaCare.  Over the next 7 years, she played a key role in the diligence, integration, operations, logistics and administration for the 75 orthotics and prosthetics acquisitions.  In 1996, her responsibilities expanded as she also became a part of the outpatient rehabilitation division, which was comprised of orthotics and prosthetics and outpatient physical therapy and was one of many executives who was involved with the 68 acquisitions and integrations.

Ms. Romanoski has successfully orchestrated and participated in the integration of 167 companies while simultaneously leading the functions of Human Resources, Real Estate, Logistics, Administration, and Customer Service.