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Pediatric ProstheticA child with limb loss (both accidental or congenital) is much different than an adult; so is the way we approach and counsel the family and patient. We want to make sure we do everything possible to eliminate any perception of disability from your child and focus on all of the can do’s... We start to fit children at the time they learn to sit. They will adapt to the use of a prosthetic much better than their older counterparts! They do not know the word “disabled” and they always overcome any disability associated with limb loss. At Level Four, the practitioners understand that children need to be met where they are—and that communication with them is not the same as it is with adults. Some of the practitioners at Level Four have decades of experience working with children who’ve experienced limb loss. They know how to approach you and your child in a manner that’s caring, comforting and effective for your child.



Level FOUR uses advanced technology in pediatric prosthetics

The clinicians at Level Four stay on the leading edge of the latest advances in prosthetic technology, so that your child can realize his or her full potential. The clinicians work with you and your child’s physical therapist or physician to pursue a treatment that will allow your child to function at the highest level possible.

Level Four specializes in:

•    Lower Limb Loss                
•    Upper Limb Loss                
•    Athletic Prosthetics
•    Partial Foot Prosthetics
•    Partial Hand Prosthetics
•    Running Prostheses
•    Myo Electric (Bionic) controlled upper  extremity prostheses
•    Silicone Anatomically Correct  partial restorations

Find a Level Four Clinic near you today and let us help you find the best prosthetic solution for your child.